What our platform can do for you

Our data platform gives you access to everything you need to drive your marketing forward while seamlessly connecting to your analytics and tech stack. This means you can easily:

  • build customized reports with our flexible reporting engine.
  • take advantage of our user-defined best-practice reports and our Ad Spend Optimizer for scenario planning
  • import data to your internal tools via APIs
  • automate your data exports to our cloud storage
  • push your data into bidding platforms

While offering integrated channel-agnostic reporting is critical for our users, the platform provides you with so much more. Based on insights from working closely with our customers, we’ve introduced a wide range of data sets to support their different needs, including:

  • aggregated attribution for reporting and optimization
  • enriched attribution for efficiency analysis based on actual cost and revenue data
  • granular attribution for internal modelling (e.g. attribution or Customer Lifetime Value models)
  • complete customer journey data for explorative analysis of channels and publishers and pattern and segment analysis
  • accessing the raw data, including all tracked touchpoints, events, and conversions for internal use.