As a marketer, you’re always looking for the best data and algorithms to help overcome attribution challenges. That’s why, with new and evolving data sets, we don’t analyze the impact of clicks and views in the same way.

Today’s heterogeneous data calls for different algorithms for each data type to achieve the best results for advertisers. By adopting this approach, we can ensure your insights are more granular and accurate than traditional modeling, so you can separate the signals from the noise and deliver better advertising.

Incrementality attribution – the best of both worlds

And when it comes to attribution, if you believe it can’t include incrementality, think again. Our attribution overcomes these old beliefs associated with outdated MTA models.

In fact, our data-driven attribution has been following a strict incrementality approach for years. Taking into account both successful and unsuccessful journeys, we analyze thousands of events in parallel to identify those journey patterns that will predict which will drive conversions.

Because every situation consists of a wealth of touchpoints – clicks or other engagements – each defined by multiple parameters, including channel, tactic, campaign and publisher, our unmatched granularity enables you to optimize all your activities at a tactical and operational level. And because we update our attribution models daily, you always base your marketing decisions on the freshest data, so your marketing remains relevant.

We also want to ensure you’re not limiting your insights to just traditional paid media channels. That’s why we allow you to benefit from attribution across your content marketing, personalization, onsite tools, and chat function so you can deliver true omnichannel success.

View the full impact

As social platforms increasingly look to prevent users from exiting their ecosystem, their actions and views must be measurable to avoid distorting attribution efficiency metrics.

As a result, view attribution has never been more critical in social advertising and beyond. Digital marketing relies on measuring all ad impressions, especially for large brands. Failure to do so risks conversions being assigned to organic channels, which act as a proxy for views.

Our unique data includes ad impression data from all channels at an unmatched level of granularity so you can quantify the impact on conversions better. Based on the data, our algorithm reveals the impact on views of organic clicks considering time decay.