We make data exchange easy

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At Exactag, we love neutrality. It’s why we believe in data-driven performance analysis and continue developing leading algorithms to drive today’s marketing. And this is why we integrate all relevant data into our platform.

Our platform offers you full and automated data enrichment from countless tools from the adtech and martech ecosystem. Together with the data from our own data collection and the results from our algorithms the imported data is the basis for a unique and integrated collection of data.

At the same time, we offer APIs to directly ingest collected data and calculated results to bid managers, data warehouses, and other platforms to serve many marketing use cases, such as performance optimization, cohort analysis, or CLV modeling.


We have built numerous connectors and flexible ETL features that import all the data you need for neutral performance analysis across all channels and publishers. This setup avoids conflicting data or double work for marketing and analytic teams.

Campaign and cost data

Using the Exactag platform, you can access valuable campaign and cost data unavailable on other platforms, e.g.:

Paid search

Adservers / DSP

Social media platforms

Native advertising

Affiliate networks

Mobile tracking

Email and engagement platform

Ad impressions / views

Together with our partners, we help you measure your digital marketing even in walled gardens. We import data about ad impressions at an unmatched level of granularity. Integrating this data lets us give you even more insights about your awareness and branding campaigns.

Our partners include some of the world’s leading publishers. Together with these partners, we have established Data Clean Rooms for view tracking that give us access to data which is not available via public APIs.

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App / Serverside Tracking

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Exactag fully supports server-side tracking, whether you set up an in-house or third-party server. Tealium and Jentis have built-in connectors, which make the setup even more comfortable and faster.

We also facilitate the integration of app traffic and app conversions. Thanks to our partnerships with Adjust and Appsflyer, advertisers benefit from integrated data collection, existing connectors, and broad experience.


Attribution Push

Actionability is king in performance measurement. And, as our attribution and modeling results contain critical information on the impact of individual touchpoints, they should be used to inform your bid manager immediately.

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Attribution Push lets your channel managers carry out integrated analysis on your channel and attribution data. These attribution results and customer journey insights can then be fed automatically into your media tools on a daily basis.

Read our case studies to learn how other brands have benefited from this valuable data feed.