Our Journey

Exactag is a cloud-based marketing attribution platform transforming the way businesses see their customer journeys. We give CMOs and marketing decision-makers the confidence to optimize how they invest their budgets and allocate marketing resources based on a data-driven attribution approach.

We help businesses create and maintain a unique data set to measure performance, develop meaningful reports and gain valuable insights using our best-of-breed algorithms and market-leading approaches.

Since 2010 we’ve always been forward-looking, creating innovative approaches to support data-driven businesses


Developed and launched the first version of our Customer Journey Tracking and Attribution


Germany’s largest mail-order company adopts the Exactag platform


Launched the first global data-driven attribution approach, analyzing every touchpoint and delivering daily results


Launched the first “Direct Marketing Model” for attribution


The Exactag platform is now being adopted by market leaders in e-commmerce and travel


Launched the first integrated product combining data-driven attribution and media mix modeling


Developed an automated Baseline model allowing brand impact to be added into attribution


Every month Exactag analyzes over €2bn in sales transactions on its platform


Deployment of Covid-19 impact models for customer journeys and attribution


Despite GDPR, Exactag continues to track 100% of user’s data thanks to its privacy-complaint anonymous measurement and attribution


Exactag starts offer cookieless tracking and extends its granular tracking to the walled gardens