Base your marketing decisions on the best data available

The marketing performance optimization environment has changed substantially and will continue to do so, especially in the European Union. And while some traditional data sources and formats are no longer available, we are seeing new ones emerging, like data clean rooms and browser APIs.

Three forces are driving these market changes:

  • Regulation
    Laws and judgments at national and European levels are establishing boundaries around user-level tracking (via the collection of personally identifiable information) and the use of cookies and other identifiers
  • Browser developments
    Browsers are limiting tracking, especially the use of third-party cookies
  • The walled gardens
    Social media platforms are also limiting tracking, particularly around views and in-platform engagements, while driving users and advertisers to use “zero-click content”.

As the impact of these changes became more evident, many advertisers and market players have become pessimistic, seeing little future for modern analytics and optimization.

Today, new heterogeneous data has led to new tools emerging that offer basic media mix modeling (MMM) on high-level data. But this “lowest common denominator approach” delivers limited insights for today’s digital marketing and ignores the potential of new emerging data sets and modeling approaches.

Since 2019, Exactag has been developing a new approach to data collection that allows marketers to realize the full power of all new data sources. Our data collection follows the three principles:

  1. Completeness
    By considering data from every user and all their touchpoints, we help marketers eliminate the bias introduced by using incomplete or imprecise data.
  2. Depth
    We measure the critical marketing dimensions that control digital media, including at the campaign (line item), partner (publisher), creative, and placement levels. We also provide advertisers with crucial data and insights into their customer journeys.
  3. Data Privacy
    Marketing teams can benefit from the completeness and depth of data necessary to optimize their marketing by taking advantage of our innovative, balanced approach that adheres to today’s privacy regulations.

The result is a wealth of data that allows our customers to gain the maximum insights from it, including attribution, customer journey analysis and customer lifetime analysis.

Exactag’s Data Collection

Due to the loss of third-party cookies and the rising importance of walled gardens, we have developed new ways of measuring views. Depending on the channel and publisher, we track views either at the micro-aggregate level, based on a partner’s input from data clean rooms, or at the asset level via a view pixel or statistics imported from a publisher’s API. This approach brings a unique granularity of view data thanks to our cookieless data collection and measurement partnerships with leading publishers, including Google, Meta, and Pinterest.

Our onsite measurement is the best way to avoid data distortion, often caused by not taking into account non-consented users (so-called non-consent bias ). We consider both groups as studies have shown that they have very different behaviours. Consented users are tracked at a user-level with all information. Non-consented users are tracked in groups. This micro-aggregated tracking works without personal data or fingerprint information and has been verified for compliance by the ePrivacy Institute.

Exactag‘s Data Collection - How it works

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